I’ve watched this OSCARS┬ásaga unfold and to be truthful, I’m not sure that I’m mad at them. I think a membership full of white males very well may choose to include films and actors that fit a comfort level that suits them. Let’s be honest, Creed was as “Philly” as Rocky has ever been. They couldn’t relate to dirt bikes, love stories centered in the hood, having a deep convo with your new found love at Max’s Steaks, or the challenges of being a black boxer trying to make it in this city. So they voted for the thing that made them comfortable in the film: Rocky.

What I’m truly more disappointed in, is the fact that we let BET be sold to Viacom, and we didn’t keep control of its programming. I’m disappointed in the fact that the BET awards have gotten worse every year, disappointed that we haven’t come up with our own prestigious awards show by now for film, disappointed that we didn’t see the danger of funding programs like Citas World, BET Uncut, Love & Hip Hop, and many others, instead of spending the money to combat not a growing problem in Hollywood, but one that has existed since time immemorial. I’m not sure we should be asking for inclusion here. They didn’t ask for inclusion in our predominantly Af Am voter based awards.

I think the solution has and always will be…create your own, celebrate your own. NEVER wait for another to do it for you.

My Truth