Knowing what lane you are designed to operate in is so very important┬áto your success and the rate by which you achieve it. There is nothing worse than a luxury vehicle trying to handle an off-road obstacle course. The luxury vehicle is almost certain to sustain some element of damage to the frame. It just wasn’t built for that. So too, a plane attempting to use a highway causes disruption for everyone involved. The road simply wasn’t designed to handle a plane.


“I’ll never again be in someone else’s lane, trying to work someone else’s grace.”

– Pastor William Murphy

Life is the same way. Playing in lanes that we are not designed to be in, or operating as if we are something or someone we are not is almost certain to lead us to turbulent times. The frame of a plane and a truck may be made with similar material. They both even have windows, and windshield wipers, tires, and lights. But rest assured, trying to operate them the same will surely lead to a crash or even a fatality.


Today, know your lane. If you fly, stick to the runway. If you drive, stick to the highway. Your blessing, your freedom, your peace, and your progress…are all in your lane.


Stay in your lane, and receive your gain.